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What to Do If a Stray Cat Adopts You


If a Stray Cat Adopts You It happens to the best of us. You may not want it at the time, but you cannot deny fate. Every so often a stray cat is going to adopt you, not the other way around! And you could either roll with the punches or ignore your new found furry friend. But you know ...

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How to Dress up Your Pet for Halloween


Dress up Your Pet for Halloween It’s that wonderful time of year again. Halloween! Do you plan to dress up your pet this year? Well, plenty of dogs had the opportunity to strut their stuff at the annual Thomson Park Day in Middletown, New Jersey. They called it the Strut Your Mutt competition, and it’s a whole lot of fun. ...

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Cheapest Online Dog Food


With Americans spent $21 billion dollars on food for pets, clearly we pet owners need all the help we can get. This is up almost 5% over last year and is still climbing. We are providing this info to you compliments of our friends at the Dogington Post. Please enjoy Check Out This Special Vet Report On Healthy Dog Food ...

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Funny Dog Jokes and Stories


Dog Jokes There’s no doubt about it. I don’t care who you are or what you do. Everybody loves a good dog joke every once in a while. They make people happy, fill them with joy and ultimately brighten their day. That’s the goal of this section of our website. We intend to share all of the best dog jokes ...

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8 Tips for Environmentally Friendly Cats & Dogs


Environmentally Friendly Cats & Dogs As a pet owner, you want your cats and dogs to grow up living healthy and strong lives. You want them to live as good a life as possible. That’s why it’s important to use eco friendly pet products and eco pet supplies. Why choose green pet products? For starters, they all but ensure that ...

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Hero Pit Bull Saves Cat Snatched By Two Hungry Coyotes


Hero Pit Bull Saves Cat All I can say is wow! You’re about to read an amazing story from the most unlikely of sources. Yes, you read that headline correctly. A pit bull has done the impossible. He managed to not only save the life of a cute and cuddly cat, but he did it by taking it away from ...

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After 3 Years, Long-Lost Cat Returns


Long Lost Cat Returns There’s no question about it. We all love good dog jokes from time to time. We all love hearing about funny dog stories, funny pet stories and stories about amazing pets. But there’s a different kind of story that seems to touch the heart of every animal lover. What kind of story am I talking about? ...

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How to Care for Older Dogs


Care for Older Dogs As an older dog owner, you recognize that your canine has special needs. If you want your dog to stay happy, healthy and strong, you’ll need to be acquainted with the signs of aging. You’ll need to take the necessary measures that will guarantee the quality of your dog’s life stays the same. There are number ...

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Protect Pets and Yourself from Ticks


Protect from Ticks You know it as well as I do. Animal health is so important. If you felt that your pet was sick, you would not hesitate to provide it the proper animal medicine and animal care, would you? Well the same holds true in regards to protecting your pets from ticks. They can be very dangerous to unsuspecting ...

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When Buying a Hunting Dog


Buying a Hunting Dog Hunting season is upon us once again. If you are a hunter, it’s always fun to have a trusty companion by your side. And I’m not talking about other hunters enjoying the sport with you. Oh no, I’m talking about a trusty hunting dog. Do you know how to choose a hunting dog? We are going ...

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