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Funny Dog Jokes and Stories

Dog Jokes

dogsThere’s no doubt about it. I don’t care who you are or what you do. Everybody loves a good dog joke every once in a while. They make people happy, fill them with joy and ultimately brighten their day.

That’s the goal of this section of our website. We intend to share all of the best dog jokes that we come across. We plan to share the funny jokes, the amazing jokes and the inspirational dog jokes. We will hold nothing back, and provide all of the awesome stories and jokes that come into our path.

How does that sound? Are you excited to hear and read some of the many dog jokes that we have in store for you?

Good! We love to share them. We love to try and make people’s day. We love to make our visitors happy, and that’s exactly what dog jokes can do.

Are you ready to laugh out loud? Here’s a great dog joke to get everyone started…

Mrs. Green’s Neighbor and Her Dog

One day Mrs. Green decided to walk to the post office. Her neighbor came up to her and casually mentioned “Hello Janice, how’s your dog? I saw her yesterday chasing an old man on a bike.”

Mrs. Green said “Oh. There’s no way that could have been my dog.”

“Why not?” said Mrs. Green’s neighbor. “I’m almost positive that it was her.”

Mrs. Green, with a devilish grin on her face stated “Well, my dog doesn’t know how to ride a bike.”

How about one more?

Seeing Eye Dog

A blind man decides to go to the department store and he has his seeing eye dog on a leash. When the manager behind the counter at the customer service desk realizes the customer is blind, he turns around and quickly looks away.

From the corner of his eye, the customer service manager notices the blind man begins swinging the dog over his head with the leash.

The manager was shocked, and he runs over and says “Sir, do we have a problem – can I help you with something sir?” The blind man replies very calmly and says, “No thank you. I’m just taking a look around.”

Dog Stories

If you are like most people, you definitely enjoy a good dog story from time to time. It doesn’t matter what kind of dog story it may be, just as long as it’s inspirational, funny, amazing and true. At least that’s what some people tend to enjoy. You may be different.

Whatever the case may be, this section of our website is dedicated strictly to dog stories of all kinds. We will share the best and brightest dog stories that we come across with all of our faithful readers.

Let’s get it started by sharing one dog story right now…

A Lost Dog Saves a Life

One morning Mary’s neighbor Trish comes knocking on her door. Trish wants Mary to keep an eye on a lost terrier that she found roaming around the streets near the local elementary school.

Mary agrees, but says that she can only do it for one day. To make a long story short, the women take pictures of the dog and print up 4000 flyers. They stuff all of these flyers in neighborhood mailboxes and even put an ad on Craigslist.

During this time, Mary decides to visit the local thrift store to pick up some low-cost pet supplies. She still has the dog in her possession four days later, and she’s hoping that her two sons do not fall in love with the pooch.

Her oldest son, Mike, is 21 years old. He has many ailments and he also has Down syndrome. The youngest, Larry, is only 10 years old.

Here’s where things get interesting…

Mike unfortunately had a seizure while Mary wasn’t home. The lost dog was home at the time, and when Mary came through the door the dog flung himself at her and began barking madly. When Mary walked into the house, the dog immediately sprinted for Mike’s room.

Mary realized something was wrong and immediately followed the dog. Mike was having a violent seizure. The neurologist later said that if the dog did not alert Mary to the problem, Mike would have most likely choked on his own blood and died. How’s that for an amazing story!

Funny Dog Stories

More than anything else in this world, people typically tend to love funny dog stories. They just seem to brighten everyone’s day. With that in mind, we decided to dedicate an entire section of this website to funny dog stories. It doesn’t matter what type of story it is as long as it makes us laugh out loud.

How do you feel about funny dog stories? Do you enjoy them? We certainly hope so, because we want all of our readers to appreciate this section of the site possibly more than any other. If you’re having a bad day and feeling depressed, stop by and read a funny dog story. It’s bound to brighten your mood. If life seems to have you down in the dumps, you can read one of our comedic stories about dogs and it will hopefully lift you back up again.

Here’s an interesting story about dogs that’s rather funny and a little bit surprising all at the same time. Take a look for yourself…

Ever Thought of Testing Your Dog?

While taking a dog psychology class, the course instructor mentioned that a great way to test your dogs is to fall down and act like you are wounded. He said that a dog that has a bad temper will typically decide to try and bite his owner. And if the dog is typically good, it will lick the person on the face and act concerned.

So, with that in mind, I decided to test out my dogs one night to see what would happen.

I was sitting down in my living room eating pizza and watching TV. At this point, I decided to test the theory. I stood up and clutched my chest and then made a quick shout and dropped to the floor.

Guess what the dogs did? They completely ignored me, went over to the table and began chowing down on my pizza!

Amazing Dog Stories

Ever enjoyed listening to amazing dog stories? Do you like reading about phenomenal dog stories on the Internet? If so, you are definitely in luck my friend. We have taken it upon ourselves to dedicate an entire section of our website to the most amazing dog stories known to man.

Yes, we love a great dog story. We love reading about heroic dogs and dogs that accomplish amazing feats. We know you love this too. Who doesn’t love to hear about a spectacular dog story every now and then? Everybody that loves dogs loves to read about some of their amazing and incredible feats.

So with that in mind, we are going to provide you with as many amazing dog stories as we possibly can each and every day. We will scour the Internet to find all of the best dog stories to keep you entertained and informed. We will go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that you have the best dog stories available to read at a moment’s notice.

How does that sound? Here’s one to get started…

The Story of Jasmine

An English policeman discovered a greyhound in 2003. She was cowering in a locked shed, dirty, abused and very malnourished.

The policeman freed her and brought her to a wildlife sanctuary. It turns out that this one simple act will change the lives of many people and pets forever.

You see, Jasmine is very famous now. She became the mother of many puppies, foxes, a fawn, 15 chickens, eight guinea pigs, 15 rabbits and even for badger cubs. Not only that, she even played mother to a goose and the deer.

Jasmine recently passed away in the fall of 2011, but she was a wonderful dog that took care of animals of all kinds. She had a great heart and her passing was very sad.

True Dog Stories

There are some truly incredible dogs in this world. Dogs that accomplish amazing and spectacular feats. Dogs that seem to accomplish the impossible. I’m talking about true dog stories and some of the amazing events that surround them.

Because let’s face it…

Sometimes in this life things happen that seem completely beyond our control. Things that you would never imagine in a million years take place each and every day. Many of these things revolve around dogs, and it’s no surprise that dogs are capable of so much more than we could ever really dream about.

Do you enjoy reading true dog stories? Do you really love reading about incredible dogs and some of the inspirational things that they do?

Well we certainly do, and we want this to be a huge part of this website. We have decided to dedicate this entire section of the website to the most popular and inspiring true dog stories.

It can be dog stories of any kind, just as long as they are true.

We will post funny dog stories that are true. We will post amazing dog stories that are true. We will post incredible dog stories that are true, and let’s not forget about the inspirational stories as well.

We really hope that these true dog stories bring a measure of comfort and joy into your life. We really hope that all of our visitors enjoy reading about miraculous dogs and some of the incredible feats that they can accomplish. We really hope that all of our visitors appreciate dogs and what they can accomplish just as much as we do.

So, if you really enjoy true dog stories, please check back with us from time to time. We will go out of our way to post new dog stories every week, and if possible we’ll even post them every day.

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