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Hero Pit Bull Saves Cat Snatched By Two Hungry Coyotes

Hero Pit Bull Saves Cat

pittbulAll I can say is wow! You’re about to read an amazing story from the most unlikely of sources. Yes, you read that headline correctly. A pit bull has done the impossible. He managed to not only save the life of a cute and cuddly cat, but he did it by taking it away from two hungry coyotes!

This is truly an incredible pit bull story that you will really love and appreciate. It’s hard not to enjoy a good underdog story. Plus the kitty cat gets to live happily ever after because of its pit bull pal and hero.

This is the kind of story that you would never believe to be true. This is the kind of story that seems so outrageous that it couldn’t be real. You’ll never read about a story like this happening with rabbits, fish, box turtles, ferrets, guinea pigs or parrots, I can tell you that much!

Are you ready to be wowed? Are you ready to be inspired like you’ve never been inspired before? Are you ready to read a heartwarming tale that seems stranger than fiction?

We shall not delay any longer, so here it is in living color…

Usually stories containing the words ‘family pet’ and ‘coyotes’ don’t end on a happy note.

But this one does, thanks to Jack, a rescue pit bull.

Jack flew into action to save the family’s cat from certain death in the jaws of two coyotes that were violently shaking her in a Seminole neighborhood, WTVT Fox News-13 in Tampa.

“One had her by the neck and the other had her by the tail,” said Sherree Lewis, the cat’s owner, who had been watching over her son’s dog while he is serving in Afghanistan, according to WTVT.

Good job, Jack!               Read more here

What a truly wonderful story! It amazes me that a pit bull could have so much compassion for another animal that it would literally put its own life in danger to snatch it from the grasp of two hungry coyotes.

You never know what kind of crazy things animals are going to do. Do you have any inspiring heroic animal stories? We would love to hear them. And we know that our readers would love to hear them too.

Do not hesitate to share your most inspiring stories with us in the comments. We’d love to hear about the details of your heroic pets and the amazing things that they have accomplished.

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