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Animal Stories

Animal Jokes

Do you like animal jokes? If you’re like most people, then you definitely do. Here’s what we know… Kids love them. Most adults love them. People of all ages, races, creeds and colors typically tend to enjoy a good animal joke from time to time.

With that thought in mind, we have gone out of our way to create an entire section of this website strictly dedicated to animal jokes and nothing more. We will go above and beyond by scouring the Internet to find all of the funniest animal jokes online on any given day.

We will share some of the best cat jokes you could ever imagine. The like alligators? We’re going to have some great alligator jokes for you every once in a while. As a matter of fact, we are going to share a funny alligator joke at the bottom of this post today.

Let’s not forget about dogs, lions, bears, tigers, pandas and all of the other great animals in the world. We are going to share jokes about each and every one of them, and you are going to laugh so hard that you pop your stitches!

Here’s a joke about our friend the alligator…

A man walks into a bar with a 10 foot long alligator. The bartender goes nuts and yells at the guy and says that he has to get the alligator out of there. He’s afraid that he’ll get sued if the gator bites one of his customers.

The man says that the alligator is tame and that he can prove it. He picks up the alligator and puts it on the bar. While the gators on the bar, he takes his arm and shoves it in the gators mouth up to the elbow. The gator doesn’t do anything, and just sits there with his mouth hanging open.

The guy says “See. I told you he was tame. Does anyone else want to try?”

And drunken guy at the bar yells “I’d give it a try but I don’t think I can keep my mouth open that long!”

Inspirational Animal Stories

Do you find animals inspiring? Are you the kind of person that gets a real charge from inspirational animal stories? You are definitely in luck my friend, because we have decided to create a section of the site strictly dedicated to inspirational animal stories and nothing more.

We are going to make every effort to find the most inspiring stories about animals available every day. We will look far and wide for the greatest stories, and hopefully our wonderful readers will share some of their best stories with us as well. We would love to hear them.

Because think about this for a moment…

You are feeling down in the dumps. You had a really rough day and you’re having a hard time feeling good about yourself. You come home, turn on your computer and check out our website. On the site, you notice a link to inspirational animal stories. You click the link and start reading some of the wonderful tales.

Before long, you realize that all of the anger, sadness and depression that you were experiencing before is all gone. You are now happy because the inspirational animal stories have lifted you up and made you feel a lot better about life. That’s the joy that we are trying to bring to each and every one of you that read our website every day.

Here’s a quick tale about Christian the lion…

Back in 1969, John and Anthony noticed a lion cub in a cage in Harrods department store in London England. They felt bad for the cub and decided to buy him. They named him Christian, and ended up falling in love with this awesome house guest.

After a while, Christian became too big to live in their flat. They knew that they would have to reintroduce him into the wild, so that’s what they did. They brought him to a sanctuary in Africa.

The friends decided to visit Christian after a year. All of the sanctuary employees said that the lion would not recognize the two. They had a beautiful, tearful reunion and Christian definitely remembered his former owners.

Amazing Animal Stories

I know it seems crazy. I know it seems odd. But every once in a while, you will hear about or read some of the most amazing animal stories that you could ever even imagine. As a matter of fact, these stories are often so amazing that you couldn’t possibly imagine them. Sometimes truth is even stranger than fiction as we all know.

With that in mind, we have decided to dedicate an area of our website to all of the most amazing animal stories that you could ever possibly read. We love amazing animal stories because they li will ft people up and make them feel good about themselves. They change your mood instantly, and they can take you from a depressed, grumpy state to an exciting, inspired and happy state of mind.

That’s exactly what we want to do for you, our valued reader. We want you to feel inspired by our amazing animal stories. We want you to feel a great deal of joy and pride every time you visit our website and read one of these heroic tales. We want you to feel so awesome every time you visit our website, so our amazing animal stories are here to give you that feeling each and every day.

Here’s a story about a dog saving a baby boy…

A dog named China, who happens to live in Argentina, once noticed an abandoned baby. China decided to protect this baby boy and sheltered it along with her other puppies. When doctors finally examined the boy, they said that he would never have survived the cold night if China did not decide to protect it. It may seem strange, but it’s the absolute truth and it’s an incredible, heartwarming story for all to enjoy.

Animal Stories

There’s absolutely no doubt about it. Everybody loves to read the amazing animal stories that pop up on the Internet and show up in the news on an almost daily basis. And who wouldn’t want to experience the joy and excitement of reading a wonderful story about their favorite animal.

We understand how much you enjoy these incredible animal stories. We know that many people thrive on stories like this, and they really help make them feel so much better about their lives.

We get it. We have heard your call. We have decided to make a section of our website specifically for animal stories and nothing more. We will share funny animal jokes, inspiring animal stories, amazing animal stories and every other story that we come across about our furry little friends.

And remember, our friends do not have to be little either! Some may be gigantic, and that is cool with us as well. So strap in and get ready to enjoy some great animal stories every time you come and visit us on the World Wide Web.

Here’s a great story to get you started…

A Dog Named Hercules

There was a dog named Hercules that was once sent to the pound. It was a beautiful St. Bernard dog, and for some reason nobody wanted to take this gorgeous creature home and adopt him. He was scheduled to be euthanized when some kind soul finally decided to save him from a fate that was sure to end in death.

But don’t worry, because Hercules was able to return the favor…

He lived up to his heroic name by saving his owner from a home invader. It’s incredible the way he stood up to the invader and protected his owner as if it was in his own doggie relative. This is truly inspiring.

True Animal Stories

You will occasionally hear some incredible animal stories that seem so outrageous that they could never be the truth. But you’d be wrong, because there are some phenomenal true animal stories out there, and we intend to hunt them down and share them with you each and every day.

Let’s face it…

Everybody loves to read true animal stories. They love to hear about the heroic feats of animals of all kinds. It doesn’t matter if it’s dogs, cats, chickens, horses, bears, lions or tigers. If it’s the truth and it’s a heroic or inspiring story, people want to know about it.

We are going to make it a point to share as many true animal stories with you every day. We will do our best to share only the most heroic and inspiring stories so that you can truly boost you up and feel the joy, excitement and elation that most people experience when reading a story of this kind.

Would you like to hear a heroic dog story? Let’s head into the details right now…

There was a traffic camera in Chile that recorded one of the most touching scenes of a dog rescuing another dog. Here’s what happened…

A car hit one dog, and his friend braved traffic and other obstacles in order to rescue it. The traffic camera took pictures of the incident and unfortunately this was on an overpopulated highway, and dogs typically tend to get run over in this situation.

Here’s the touching part of the story…

The dog that got hit is in a lot of pain, but the other dog does everything in his power to pull him to the side of the highway. Unfortunately, this will continue to happen as long as the Chileans do not come up with a solution for this problem. But at least one dog stuck around to help his friend.