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Celebrity Pets

Celebrity Pets

taylor-swift-meredith-acm-votingPicture this: Its Oscar night. You walk slowly down the red carpet as the paparazzi snaps hundreds of pictures in a row because they want to immortalize you and make you a star. This sounds like a dream for anyone, but truthfully this is the life of a celebrity pet!

There’s no question that these animals live the good life. They are pampered and treated like gold, and their owners give them the best of everything that this world has to offer. It’s definitely good to be owned by a celebrity. There is no reason to doubt it. And these animals truly get to live a phenomenal existence.

Here’s a quick look at celebrities and their favorite pets…

Miranda and Taylor Swift

It almost seems impossible that anything could outdo Taylor Swift in the cuteness department. But her little kitty Miranda definitely gives her a run for the money.

This gorgeous little girl has been the star of several great Internet videos. It’s impossible to think that this great little cat is anything but cute. We’ll let you judge for yourself.

Noah and Zachary Quinto

The Heroes alum and current Star Trek star Zachary Quinto is often seen in LA with his favorite furry friend Noah. He is a rescue dog that the star has taken in as his own. There’s no question that Noah is living a phenomenal lifestyle, all thanks to the bighearted Quinto and his love for dogs.

It’s always great reading about a nice dog rescue story. It’s even better when the rescuer happens to be a famous celebrity. You know that Noah hit the jackpot of all jackpots.

leonard-dicaprio-tortoiseLeonardo DiCaprio and His Pet Tortoise

Yes, you read that correctly! Everybody’s favorite leading man Leo has a 38 pound Sulcatas tortoise. Here’s an interesting fact that you’ve probably never heard before. Leo’s tortoise will most likely outlive the Titanic star, and it’s even possible that his new amphibian friend can grow up to be around 200 pounds in weight. That is a major commitment for such a large animal!

George and Ryan Goslingryan-gosling

The ladies love Ryan. There’s no doubt about it. But he has some competition now because his buddy George is also turning heads. Ryan likes to bring his favorite pet with him everywhere. George attended the 2008 Screen Actors Guild Awards and got along famously. He also spent time center stage one night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon back in 2011.

Cobra and Nicholas Cage

This may seem like an odd pairing, but then again Nic Cage is always in the news for some strange reasons. He was once bailed out of jail by Dog the Bounty Hunter. His accountant also seems to have gotten the best of him a few years ago. Cage once owned a pet cobra, but he claims the snake actually hated his guts!

As you can see, celebrity pets get to live the good life. They get to enjoy all of the finer things, and we mere mortals are lucky enough to sit back and enjoy the show.