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Pet Jokes

Nothing beats a good couple of pet jokes. Absolutely nothing. We know that the joy of laughter and giddiness can really make a person’s day. We understand that pet jokes are fun, exciting and a great way to relax and unwind. We want you, our valued reader, to feel great every time you visit our website. That’s why we have dedicated this section of the site to the funniest pet jokes you could ever imagine.

Because here’s the way we look at it…

When our readers are happy, laughing and having a good time, we have done our job. When our readers are experiencing joy every time they visit our site, we have done what we came to do. When our readers email us to say how much they enjoy the funny jokes that they’ve read on our website, we know that we are making a difference in this world.

That is our mission. To make a difference in people’s lives. To make them laugh, make them cry, make them saying and make them experience a whole host of emotions as they read and watch the information on our pet site.

Ready for some pet jokes? Let’s take a look at a few right now…

Here’s a good one by Rooftop Comedy:

“I dressed my dog up as a cat for Halloween. Now he won’t come when I call him.

Here’s another great quip from Terry Sangster:

“Isn’t it unfair that women love cats? Cats are independent, they don’t listen, they don’t come when you call, they like to stay out all night and when they are at home they like to be left alone to sleep. In other words, every quality that women hate in a man, they love in a cat.”

Feel free to stop by whenever you are in need of some joy and funny pet jokes.

Amazing Pet Stories

You know it as well as I do. We all love amazing pet stories. We all love to hear about heroic pets and some of the wonderful feats that they accomplish. They lift us up. They make us feel good inside. They bring joy to our hearts, and allow us to experience a wonder and excitement that we hardly ever experience in our day-to-day lives.

The best thing about amazing pet stories is that they are typically true. But even if you come across a pet story that is complete fiction, it still has a way of touching your soul. It still has a way of bringing joy into your life. It finds a way to make you feel better about yourself and further appreciate your existence.

Here’s the deal…

We want you to feel all of these emotions and so many more every time you visit our site. That’s why we have dedicated this section of the site to amazing pet stories. You can read the stories that we find, or you can even share some of your best pet stories with us and we will post them on the blog. It’s going to be awesome.

Here’s a quick tale that you may have never heard before…

A pet owner was walking his five-year-old Labrador retriever named Boomer on a street next to her home. While walking the dog, she stumbled in a pothole and broke her legs. Nobody was around when she screamed for help. Boomer decided to lay down in the road and stay there with her the entire time.

Meanwhile, she realized that she was in need of medical attention. She wrapped her arms around the dog and spoke directly into his ears and said “home.”

Do you know what Boomer did? This 160 pound marvelous creature dragged her home the entire way, stopping every now and then to take a rest. Boomer literally saved her life that day.

Inspirational Pet Stories

We all experience a tremendous amount of joy and elation every time we hear inspirational pet stories. There’s no question about it. We love to hear a good inspiring story no matter where it comes from or what it’s about.

But there’s something about inspirational pet stories that really manages to warm our hearts. The stories can touch deep down into our soul and make us feel incredibly good about life and all that it has to offer.

We recognize the value in pet stories of an inspirational nature. We realize how much the stories can truly change the lives of those around us. We recognize that these stories are so important to our civilization, and they help spread good cheer and good tidings to all of those who read them.

Guess what else we realize?

We realize that it’s important to share the stories as often as possible. That’s why we are going to create an entire section of our website for inspirational pet stories. You can stop by and read an inspiring story whenever you feel the need, and it will hopefully raise your spirits and make you feel good about your life once again.

Here’s an inspiring story to enjoy…

A volunteer at the Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacArthur had a constant companion name Gimpy. He was a 150+ pound elephant seal pup that always followed him around.

One day the volunteer slipped and fell face first to the deck. He was dazed and confused, and while in this altered state, three aggressive seal pups began moving toward him.

He thought his days were numbered, and tried to reach for his protective board. While this was going on, Gimpy ran to the rescue and shielded him from the younger aggressive pups. There’s no question that Gimpy saved his life that day. What an incredible story.

Pet Rescue Stories

Do you enjoy kind, heartwarming stories? Then you are the ideal person to read pet rescue stories, because that’s exactly what they typically tend to do. They are inspirational. They are enjoyable. They are heartwarming, and they make people feel good about their lives.

But on the other hand…

You have to take the good with the bad. Because many of the pet rescue stories start out on a sour note. Many of the animals are being treated poorly to say the least, and unkind in a number of instances.

But that doesn’t change the fact that these stories are truly inspirational and heartwarming nonetheless. It doesn’t change the fact that animals need rescuing and there are some incredible people on this planet that make it their mission to rescue pets from inconceivable circumstances.

We would like to share these stories with you on a regular basis. So that’s exactly what we are going to do, and we will share these heartwarming tales in our section known as Pet Rescue Stories.

We will search high and low to find the best rescue stories online. We will read about them in magazines, the local newspapers and anywhere else we can find a good story to share with you, our valued readership.

Let’s get the ball rolling with an interesting tale right now…

It’s about a cat named Mandy. She lived outside on a family’s porch. For some reason, even though the woman liked to pet her and feed her, she wouldn’t let Mandy inside the home.

You see, Mandy was a pregnant cat. She actually ended up giving birth to her litter right on that very porch. Mandy stayed and hung around hoping that the couple would finally bring her in. But unfortunately, the man of the house said it was time for her to go.

They ended up calling a rescue organization to come and take her away along with the kittens. To make a long story short, Mandy and her little brood now have food, shelter and a happy home.

Pet Adoption Stories

Everyone loves a good pet adoption story, right? At least that’s what we hope, because we are going to share as many pet adoption stories as we can find. But we’re not doing this because we have an agenda or anything. We know that people love to read this kind of tale.

Because here’s the deal…

Pet adoption stories are often inspiring. These pet usually come from unfortunate circumstances in many cases, and yet they survive and thrive and end up in a happy home. Who wouldn’t want to read a story about that? I certainly know that I enjoy these types of stories each and every day, and I would like to share my wealth of knowledge with you in regards to stories about pets and how they manage to get adopted in some unusual circumstances.

In a perfect world, pets would not need to be adopted. They would always have a happy, fun and loving home available at all times. But that’s not the case, and some pets end up in horrible environments with nasty people that treat them very badly. Those are the heartbreaking stories that usually have a happy ending, and we will share many of those with you as well throughout the years.

Here’s an interesting story that we’d like to share…

There was a young boy who couldn’t seem to make many friends. The kids at school picked on him, made jokes and even liked to physically abuse him from time to time. This kid was very depressed and his life was not exactly a happy, fun experience.

One day his mom and dad took him to the local rescue in order to cheer him up. When he walked in the door, a beautiful golden retriever puppy instantly darted for him and jumped all over him licking his face and knocking him to the floor. To say the kid was ecstatic is an understatement. He instantly fell in love with the golden retriever and named him Lucky.

What a beautiful story. Check in every day to read more wonderful stories just like this one.

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