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  1. wtf did the cat want so much behind that wall to repeatedly get wet to get there?!

  2. and we’re very proud of you

  3. wheres my gold star?

  4. Stay out of my box!!!!

  5. NoCoatKitty Sphynx

    hehehehehe!!! This is hilarious

  6. 01:03 SONG?

  7. Maybe he was trapped and there was a window so he could get out

  8. 3:40 Not funny! Hope uncle sam waterboard’s your stupid asses!

  9. mission impossible theme song

  10. so cute 1:22

  11. the cat 4:21 dancing tip tap XD

  12. Omg, das ist so geil xD

  13. cats are so fearless…and soo funny! love this

  14. 1:00 ninja cat in action

  15. Yeah that wasn’t funny at all :/

  16. For real. People need to stop putting this in their compilations. Its not even funny, its just mean.

  17. It was trying to climb up it. The poor thing was scared shitless and young and it didnt make the best choice for an escape route.

  18. Please tell me that was one of the songs from toy story at the end of the video?! It was hilarious!

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  20. 1:22 oh…so fcking cute!

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