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  1. cool vid

  2. what did you bait with?

  3. Bread (hotdog roll)

  4. do you eat these fishes??

  5. if you REALLY wanna catch a lot of minnows, use the fluke carcass or crack open a live crab and use that as bait.

  6. Thats a lot of bait.

  7. dumb fish thinking they’re gonna have a feast, mua hahahahahahahahaha

  8. nice video, liked


  9. what kind of camera?

  10. thats so cool :DDD welcome inside my bely :DDD

  11. Thanks! The camera is a GoPro Hero 2…

  12. Right?!?!?! I love watching it!

  13. How did you mount the camera in the trap?

  14. Thats freggin awesome… i wonder…. do you think this would work for mullet? in saltwater???

  15. It works for small mullet. This is saltwater, just no mullet around. Gotta bait it correctly to catch the mullet.

  16. amazing………. 

  17. GREAT VIDEO MAN!! ive alwasys wanted to see what is happening when i leave my fish trap in  the water. im total gonna subscribe

  18. Thanks man! Same which is why I had to do this! I think it is sooooo awesome! Im tryn to get one where an eel swims in!

  19. Not even any of the smaller ones manage to get out.

  20. nope. they follow the edge so they cant find the hole!

  21. Nice video mann…worth watching it..

  22. James Wilder-Castilho

    was that a huge minnow i just saw

  23. Yea, probably about 12cm long!

  24. Thanks man! Glad you enjoyed it!

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