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  1. The best video I love it

  2. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I do this with my horse and were trying to start a monthly show are group name is going to be cowgirls and angels

  4. I keep moths and for the last couple of months I have been teaching them how nice horses are but the last time I took a few thousand with me to meet a horse they ripped off it’s hind legs and pecked it’s eyes out… Now you might find that funny but it’s no laughing matter.

  5. I love the white horse with wavy mane. Seriously, so pretty and combined with the energy it has. Haha, but I liked all of them. Awesome video.

  6. 1:13 THAT REAR!!!

  7. Excellent!!! seems like those horses LOVE you!!! and I like how you don’t yank on the reins for balance when the horses rear. such a friendly bond you have with those BEAUTIES, plain to see!

  8. Aileen Ace of Heart

    Amazing *-*

  9. This is just so cool. I bet it took many of years to train those horses. I want one.
    I have a horse and she is part draft. Horses are amazing.

  10. Love it. X

  11. The black horse rocks. *_*

  12. that grey horse has a beautiful mane!

  13. mmmh lasagne

  14. that guy is so hot lol

  15. wow. this is fantastic

  16. this is fantastic
    Very good

  17. Perfect

  18. super

  19. super

  20. looks way too hectic and forceful (whip use) for my tastes..

  21. Great vid !! Give those wonderful horses a great life

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