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  1. are iguanas edible?? and if so how do they taste???

  2. Like chicken?

  3. reptiles own 

  4. subhanALLAH

  5. 0:18 reptile sneeze?

  6. Its the Marine Iguana’s way excreting excess salt that they take in while feeding in the ocean

  7. o ok 😀 ! but it’s still funny watching an reptile sneeze 😀

  8. ‘A’ reptile

  9. awesome

  10. i got an iguana

  11. ok watever dude chill.. :

  12. my students love to watch this

  13. reptiles are infinitely cooler than humans :-).

  14. It’s so weird seeing a diving/swimming lizard!

  15. Great video! I subbed and I would appreciate it if you subbed back :)

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  17. Mohshina Chowdhury

    You are very informational.
    It really helped me on my test thank-you soo much.
    You are really smart.
    And you did a great Job :).

  18. I love herps 🙂

  19. vist my chanle and sub i promise i will make visd soon of reptiles and gaming!

  20. Nicolas vd Merwe

    Aewsome video almost emotional since so many prople don’t realize theyr’e beauty

  21. i like turtles

  22. I wanted to see the end

  23. This is VERY excellent! I found it searching for a supplement for a home school science lesson on Vertebrates. I am also glad it cuts of where it does as it’s for a third grader & sounded like it may have gone into a little more detail then necessary at this age, thanks for that! I am going now to search for more of your videos. I HOPE I find the rest of the classifications we’re learning about. Thank you for sharing!!

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