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8 Tips for Environmentally Friendly Cats & Dogs

Environmentally Friendly Cats & Dogs As a pet owner, you want your cats and dogs to grow up living healthy and strong lives. You want them to live as good a life as possible. That’s why it’s important to use eco friendly pet products and eco pet supplies. Why choose green pet products? For starters, they all but ensure that …

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Hero Pit Bull Saves Cat Snatched By Two Hungry Coyotes

Hero Pit Bull Saves Cat All I can say is wow! You’re about to read an amazing story from the most unlikely of sources. Yes, you read that headline correctly. A pit bull has done the impossible. He managed to not only save the life of a cute and cuddly cat, but he did it by taking it away from …

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After 3 Years, Long-Lost Cat Returns

Long Lost Cat Returns There’s no question about it. We all love good dog jokes from time to time. We all love hearing about funny dog stories, funny pet stories and stories about amazing pets. But there’s a different kind of story that seems to touch the heart of every animal lover. What kind of story am I talking about? …

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